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sonya teaching cabaret B Intro to Belly Dance - 101
taught by Christiana & Hayley
Pre-Registration based class...First time in belly dance? Then this is the class for you! This primer class is where you start; helping you better in understand the movements that create the foundation of all styles of belly dance - technique through isolations and muscular training. This class focuses on break down of basic belly dance steps so that you begin with the correct methods to 'do' any of the common movements. Adds up to a great no-impact workout however the goal of the class is learning the verbiage, proper posture & being introduced to the different facets of Mid-East Dance.
As a new student to this art form we do recommend you take this class 1 full 7-week session before starting any of our other beginner belly dance classes, denoted with a blue star. See Class Attire here - no long skirts, as the instructors need to evaluate your knees & lower back position. You need no prior dance experience for this class - a minimum of 5 students needed by the end of week 1 in order to run for the full session. All classes run on week 1!
Offered Tuesdays at 6:30pm in Summer 2, & in Fall 1 Saturdays at 10:30am will return (starting 9/18)

BI Fundamentals of Belly Dance
taught by Sonya & Christiana & Hayley
Pre-Registration based class...After the minimum 7-week session of INTRO class, this Fundamentals class expands to teach you a wider vocabulary of basic belly dance traditional Orientale movements, traveling steps & turns common to the "classic" Egyptian-style of Mid East dance, & most importantly how to connect them. Here you learn where in the music these steps are best used, why we do it, & more about where in the world it comes from. Class works on clean technique with full break-downs & step-combos that can improve your posture, flexibility, balance & grace through muscle isolation and control. Each week we put these new moves into a dance routine, finishing the session with a full choreographed dance & a strong sense of body awareness.
This class is ideal for your first 6-10 months of your training, however you feel free to stay in this level (blue star) until all these fundamental moves are comfortable to you. You will always come away with something new from week-to-week, session-to-session, even year-to-year. Performance opportunities as a class troupe Enti Albi. See Class Attire here -- no long skirts, as your instructor needs to evaluate your knees & lower back position. No prior dance experience is necessary for this class however please complete 1 full 7-week session of INTRO to Belly Dance class first (see above, green star). All weekly offerings of the 'Fundamentals' class contain the same lesson plan/choreographic routine, therefore interchangeable from week-to-week. Email us for music info.
Offered Mondays at 8pm & Saturdays at 11:45am

BI Middle Eastern Belly Dance Basics
taught by Rose
Drop-in or Pre-Register...Learn to dance in a way that lifts your heart, opens your mind, and strengthens your body. Whether you’re a beginner, or more seasoned dancer (of any style), Rose will teach you the essentials of "belly dance," aka "Raqs Sharqi," meaning "Eastern Dance" in Arabic -- relying on her decades of training, extensive live music performance experience, Arabic language skills, and research in Egypt & her father's native Lebanon. Class begins with a thorough review of proper alignment to prevent injury, and a fun, full-body warm-up that will introduce some Sharqi movements and styling. We will then break down and drill select moves, and weave them together in short combinations, focusing on both technique and artistry. We will naturally flow with the music, briefly noting its origin and meaning, to enhance the authenticity of our dance. Class ends with deep stretching and a cool-down to gently increase flexibility and prevent soreness -- leaving you ready and excited for another day of dancing! See Class Attire here - Offered Mondays at 6:45pm

professional belly dancer I Moving Up; Belly Dance Choreography
taught by Sonya
Pre-Registration based class...Open to students who feel they've mastered the basic belly dance movements introduced in the blue star classes (typically after 6-10 months of the Fundamentals of Belly Dance class, comfortable with ALL those beginning moves), this choreography class is geared for those long-time beginners who feel they learn more through choreography, drills & routine. Every move you know has 100 variations, add-ons and layers... want to learn them? Take Yourself to that NEXT LEVEL! The dances learned in this weekly class can be auditioned for & performed if desired as class troupe el Amar. While everyone is unique, Pre-Requisites for this class are completion of the Fundamentals class (typically 4 sessions) - Feel free to ask your instructor if you seem ready for the challenge or ask Sonya's advice before signing up & for music info.
Offered Saturdays at 11am

I Modern Fusion Bellydance
taught by Eliza & Christiana
Pre-Registration based class...Modern Fusion Bellydance combines or "fuses" movements of traditional belly dance (Egyptian, Turkish & Tunisian) with elements of western dance formats such as Modern Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop & others. Designed for the intermediate dancer, this class focuses on developing a clean & fluid belly dance technique infused with elements of western dance. Class starts with a short warm up to improve flexibility, & get muscles & joints moving followed by exercises & drills that strengthen & tone primary muscles used in our dance practice. The second part of class focuses on learning a short combination or "choreo chunk" that will be repeated & refined over a couple of weeks as we build layers & add footwork to develop a multidimensional dance practice. Emphasis is placed on proper posture, fluid & concise movements, & seamless transitions. Drop-in friendly class although regular attendance is encouraged as you build your combinations into a full dance to perhaps be performed at a future INSPIRE Arabesque Hafla! Offered Mondays at 6:30pm

I Fusion Bellydance Technique
taught by Kamrah
Pre-Registration based class...Sharpen your Tribal Fusion technique! This intermediate class will focus primarily on drills and intensive technique instruction, with small combinations offered for maximum retention, and for an introduction to stage presence practice. Class will begin with strength training for those muscles critical for strong, clean technique. Kamrah then offers intense drills for strong fusion technique, concentrating on sharp isolations, layering, and more tricky fusion movements. The focus will be on taking your practice further, learning the anatomy of fusion movement, and working on learning layering and how to use these techniques in performance. Offered SUMMER 2 Saturdays at 12:15pm starting 7/31

I Intermediate Middle Eastern Belly Dance
taught by Rose
Drop-in or Pre-Register...Take your "belly dance" (aka "Raqs Sharqi," meaning "Eastern Dance" in Arabic) skills to the next level! This class will help you find the ease and joy of dancing with fluidity, precision, and grace – all while preventing injury by moving mindfully. Relying on her years of somatic training and extensive live music performance experience, Rose will help you tune in to the energy naturally flowing through your body to hone your unique style as a Sharqi dancer. Rather than just drilling moves, this class will also work on transitions, dynamics, emotional expression, and occasionally, improvisation -- with an emphasis on cultural authenticity & awareness. This includes knowing what to do when in a given song; the origins and meanings of various rhythms, dance styles, and props; and the names of important singers, musicians, and composers. Rose's Arabic language skills, research in Egypt & her father's native Lebanon, and passion for Middle Eastern music & culture will guide you through this fun yet challenging class. Her aim is to help you let go of the stress of *thinking* about how to dance, and instead enjoy *feeling* the movement and music, to achieve the true art of Raqs Sharqi. Offered Mondays at 8:15pm

IA Layers & Traveling
taught by Sonya
Pre-Registration based class...For the dancer who is strong in ALL the fundamental movements and their myriad of intermediate variations, we offer a more advanced view of combinations with the moves you already know, new moves you've never seen before, as well as transitions from one move to the next, a "volume knob" approach to speed and expectations of layering movements simultaneously while traveling with them.
Longer, more difficult step combinations stretch the mind and muscle memory and a few improvisational dance techniques appear, while the content of a full session includes a challenging choreography with a new focus week-to-week on different dance skills, occasional prop use, and special "tips & tricks" you've always wished you knew!
A mastery of intermediate belly dance curriculum is expected in this fast-paced class for rather experienced students. Being comfortable in the intermediate/purple star classes and having good attendance is expected to keep up in this high-level offering.
Students are always expected to come to class prepared with their Veil and Finger Cymbals.
New students accepted only on the 1st week of the session, after already having spoken with Sonya regarding qualifications.
Choreographies learned in this class do have the opportunity to be auditioned for and performed, as Sonya's award-winning revolving student dance troupe, Ro-He.
This class is not a drop-in class; weekly attendance is expected.
Email Sonya for music info and request to join our private facebook group for troupe/Ro-He communication.
Offered Tuesdays at 7:45pm

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